Public Polling – the Cyber Alternative to Judging

Here are my first ideas for you to add suggestions to:

  1. Secret Family Courts sanctioning child snatching by Social Services – the tip of the iceberg of white collar crimes
  2. Social Services without ‘checks and balances’ or ‘levels of threshold’ regarding their often very arbitrary actions
  3. White Collar Crimes committed by public authorities – with useless complaints procedures and endless cover-ups – and immune from prosecution thanks to Royal Charters
  4. the hope for a Parliamentary Inquiry, thanks to John Hemming MP.

2 thoughts on “Public Polling – the Cyber Alternative to Judging

  1. not enough options….trial by jury should always be an option, that is what makes us better than them….and the fact that we dnt murder people, break into their homes, attack people etc…..

    and prosecution should always be an option for criminals, regardless of hair colour or who their employer happens to be….would also be nice to be able to get a name out of one without having to kill one in self defence first!
    and double the tariff for g-men, automatically, in order to act as a proper deterrent consider how difficult it would be to prosecute……

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