This website is the outcome of a number of ‘victims turned starfighters’ meeting on the occasion of Norman Scarth‘s hearing on Friday 8th December 2011.

Unanimously, it was felt that there is no justice. Hence Peter Hayward’s idea to form a “citizens’ cyber court”. This means:

  • asking the many signers of online petitions whether they’d act in ‘cyber juries’
  • inviting those many self-taught Litigants in Person and McKenzie Friends to act as ‘cyber advocates’ and write a critique of orders and judgements
  • submitting the outcome to John Hemming MP who’s invited us to do so – without the framework of a Citizens’ Cyber Court.

All in all: an exercise learning while mutually  empowering each other and using court rooms as meeting venues for a new kind of ‘social life with meaning’.

Actually, it appears that attending court hearings and visiting innocent prisoners is part of being a citizen in the 21st century!…


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Will the Cyber Court also publish- promote copies of Citizens Complaints to the police ?.

    A “victim” is told to seek legal advice from a known corrupted group re: Law Society
    members. If the situation reveals serious criminal offences ! then it is for the police
    to investigate the Citizens complaint !

    We need to expose police forces that assist offenders and become accessories, to
    obtain public concern about bent coppers involved in “organised crime”

    Currently 4 senior police officers Chief Constables, Asstnt. Chief Constables under
    investigation by the IPCC for ” Misconduct in Public Office ”

    I know Staffordshire Police have been concealing serious financial criminal offences
    for some years. I will make a Complaint to the IPCC. Will the Cyber Court
    publish this Complaint ? or is it only about Court Cases.

    • Dear Peter

      I’m happy to publish such complaints, too, for they seem to be as much dead ends as many court hearings. Everybody who has not (yet) been touched needs to have a chance to find out what CAN and DOES happen – even though it shouldn’t…

      • Regarding the Police, Michael Doherty has staged this remarkable demo ABOLISH THE IPCC on Mayday 2012. The result is that Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Select Committee is staging an inquiry into to the powers and operation of that body.

        It also needs to be noted that John Hemming MP tabled an Early Day Motion that has been signed by 92 MPs so far. So there is quite some ground for change in Parliament! See http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2010-12/1604

      • Soo sorry, dear Carol.

        We’re all exhausted from the pain of seeing too many cases and hardly ever getting children returned, unless we STOP Social Services in their tracks BEFORE courts.

        However, families ARE getting together and learn from each other thanks to Social Media. So do keep looking and learning!

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