Online Petitions

Online petitions are a most valuable tool for

  • gathering support by personal signatures and personal comments
  • the collation of comments results in a wonderful new genre of political literature, as they provide a real reflection of what people know, feel and think – but who cares?
  • the ‘targets’ can be shown the latest ‘state of the art’ of the number of signatures and page views – if they care to look!…

In chronological order of publication, there are

They reflect the ‘pincer movement’ of the network of likeminded people that has come to meetings in Westminster since 1998 or feels part of the online community:

  1. on behalf of victims of white collar crimes  as the effect of dishonest money and unsustainable monetary policies
  2. addressing monetary reformas the cause of financial and economic ills in our society:

May all (y)our efforts bring about the changes we’re hoping to see!

The previous administration promised a response by the Government as soon as there are at least 200 signatures.

From The Register: A Cabinet Office spokesman told us in November 2010 that the government had already “committed” to pushing for a formal debate in Parliament for any petition that draws more than 100,000 signatures from the British public. The petition with the most signatures would then be tabled as a bill.

Sex, money or both – in whatever shade of perversion or ethics – that seems to be what 2012 is about:

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