Child Snatching & Abuse

Child snatching aka State Kidnapping appears to be the tip of the iceberg of white collar crimes. It repeats what we have seen in fraudulent bankruptcies, insolvencies and home repossessions:

  • falsified court documents
  • orders without stamp, signature or even name of a judge
  • judges sanctioning what court staff, police, lawyers and other public servants are doing wrong.

In August 2004, The Telegraph published Children are taken away – but the system can’t admit it’s wrong.

In August 2005, How social services can seize our children followed.

In August 2010, ITV (This Morning) broadcast Protect Your Children from Social Services.

In 2012, the Education Select Committee is currently investigating “child protection” with revised terms of reference: Evidence was heard on

We have submitted this document and are collating a portfolio of representative cases as further evidence:

  • Vicky Haigh, whose daughter was abused by her father, but ends up in prison while the daughter has been ordered to live with the father, with the aid of Doncaster Council.
  • The Musas, a Nigerian couple whose six children were taken by Haringey Council.
  • The AE Child, a 12-year old girl that was taken by Police at 10.30pm, while asleep.
  • The Irish Couple whose three children were taken because they were left for seven unsupervised minutes before their favourite TV programme.
  • The Thompson Family whose three children were taken because one was supposedly not regularly in school.
  • The Grandmother who has spent over £25,000 fighting for her grandson.
  • The Estranged Daughter who was taken by her mother to Florida, after a serious mis-diagnosis in South Wales; however, there she was kidnapped at gunpoint and brought back with a false passport – never to see her family again – with an injunction FOR LIFE
  • My Ex is a Freemason, the story of Maureen Spalek whose three children were adopted under highly questionable, not to say criminal circumstances.
  • Since then, The Foreign Father has come my way.
  • On Friday, 17th February 2012, Robert Green was imprisoned for one year, as he had attempted to get justice for Hollie Greig, a young woman with Down Syndrome who has had to endure 22 paedophiles abusing her.

4 thoughts on “Child Snatching & Abuse

  1. I hate social services for what they have done i lost my son to them years ago now they want my daughter i need help to get her back but the social worker isnt doing the job she is paid for all they want is to make money out of my daughter and im not having it any ideas please

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