Vicky Haigh

Vicky Haigh –
Requesting the Return of her Daughter from her Paedophile Father and “Social” Services

1. Nature of the Case / Background
This case is significant as it was the first where a gag was removed by John Hemming MP, so that the mother and Doncaster Council could be named. It can be summarised into
• An appeal for help from Social Services that turned into a high profile perversion of justice
• The failure of Social Services to acknowledge and respond to the abused daughter’s needs
• A perversion of criminality, where innocence is punished, while the guilty father gets child residency.

2. Submissions of Fact
The mother suspected abuse of the girl by the father since she was aged 3 (DOB 13.11.03). Two police interviews with the daughter are the hardest evidence demonstrating the abuse that the girl has had to endure. Other evidence is provided by school teachers and doctors.

The fact that the mother approached Social Services for help turned out to be the beginning of a series of manipulation of facts resulting in
• The mother having to flee to Ireland to have another baby by her subsequent partner there
• The mother being imprisoned with a 3-year sentence for breaching a non-molestation order
• This non-molestation order is a farce, given that it resulted from saying ‘hello’ when the mother saw her daughter incidentally at a petrol station. See
• An anonymised 30-page chronology is available on the website in support of Vicky Haigh that is currently set to ‘private’, i.e. requires the acceptance as a user.

3. Points of Law and Procedure
The case is characterised by
• The falsification of court documents created by Social Services and sanctioned by judges

    o Hearings are supposed to have taken place that are not recorded in courts
    o Documents requiring stamp and signature are used without them

• The abuse of power by Social Services

    o Their agenda is clearly the abduction of the child rather than its best interest
    o Social Services

• The collusion between Social Services, Police, court staff and judges for the benefit of the father whose brother is in the Police
• The manipulation of the mainstream media by Sir Nicholas Wall

    o He issued a press statement before publishing his judgement in August 2011
    o This resulted in a witch hunt of the mother and glorification of the father.

4. Summary
Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail – Lord Justice Wall has personally taken over two curious and troubling cases.


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