The AE Child

A.E.: a 12-Year-Old Daughter Taken in her Sleep –
at 10.30pm in May 2011

How Social Workers changed their Minds
from Praising her Family to Abusing the Child

1. Nature of the Case / Background
This case appears to be the worst in terms of abusiveness vis-à-vis a child – by Social Workers and the Court:
• Whilst the mother was found to be unfit and even a danger to raise a child, her father and two half-brothers have been her family since birth
• “The system” of Police, Social Services and the Family Court has not only colluded to kidnap the child with violence and without proper justification, but is also abusing her and does anything but act in the child’s interest.

2. Submissions of Fact
The girl has written 35 heart wrenching letters, many of them to the judge who has ignored them. Amongst campaigners and supporters of victims of white collar crimes, it is well known that the UK fares poorly with respect to Human Rights. But the Children’s Human Rights Act says clearly that a child should be placed with a family member, if possible:
• While the mother was deemed to be unfit, her paternal family was praised by Social Services
• Despite glowing reports, a change of mind resulted in the girl being taken while asleep
• Whilst in foster care, she is not only being isolated from friends and family, but also prevented from writing further to the judge, social workers or her family
• She is driven to school by taxi – a 50 miles round trip – where she is strip searched for letters
• Whilst not being allowed a mobile phone or access to a computer which she was used to when excelling in school, she is being given ‘pink pills’ that have resulted in her gaining weight abnormally and falling to the lowest levels in school.

3. Points of Law and Procedure
John Hemming MP is the most vociferous MP regarding children in foster care and child snatching in particular. In his interview on Edge Media TV, he states that “social workers don’t care about the Law.” In this case, it is even more concerning that a family court judge does not care about the cries of a child.
It is conceivable that civil servants and employees of public authorities know that they are beyond the Law, as they may be immune from prosecution thanks to Royal Charters. Hence this is a legal area that may have to be re-visited in the light of child snatching cases, that appear to be legalised by family courts and sanctioned by family court judges.

4. Summary
The 12-year old girl has been separated from her family for nearly a year by now. She has been imposed living conditions that are blatantly abusive. She is thus living proof that
• the system is “evil” as John Hemming MP states in his interview
• the system does not practice what it preaches
• “levels of threshold” – however appropriate they may be – are not being adhered to.
Instead of being ‘gagged’, children, parents, grandparents and anybody who cares need to be heard!


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