My Ex is a Freemason

I lost my Three Children, because my Ex is a Freemason

1.       Nature of the Case / Background

Custody battles after a divorce are the start of dramas for the children. In Maureen Spalek’s case it was the beginning of a series of crimes. The Persecutors of Maureen Spalek video[1] simply names everybody involved, starting from a motorcyclist who ran over the 4-year-old boy to the murder of a nurse and her killer, to the father having residence of his son, while the other two children have been freed for adoption. With the exception of this motorcyclist, all other crimes wait for being brought to justice.

Another website tells her story as Maureen Spalek: Freemasonry, Kidnapping & Murder[2]. Ironically, this page parallels her experience with Hollie Greig[3], the Scottish woman with Down Syndrome whose case is expected to be on trial until January 25th 2012 – for the abuse by 22 paedophiles who include judges, police, social workers, doctors and lawyers.

2.       Submissions of Fact

When in a Liverpool Park in March 2003, a youth on a scooter bike ran over the little boy such that Maureen took him to the hospital, while her other children remained with her mother. In hospital, they had to wait for treatment for over 24 hours which resulted in a nurse writing a bad report about Maureen. After three days and nights in hospital, the children were taken into care by the Local Authorities, even though there is no evidence that any of Maureen’s children were harmed in any way, whilst in her care.

3.       Points of Law and Procedure

In this case it is especially blatant that  secret family courts are used by Social Services to legalise their wrong-doings. However, in this case there was a clear ‘mastermind’ who used a whole team of players to his advantage.

When old boys’ networks are operating, the mélange between civil family courts and criminal courts can be used NOT to deliver justice, but to use crimes to cover up crimes, as in many other cases, while the real victims are the children.

4.       Summary

Given such cruel experiences of cruelty and violence, it is hard to figure out what it takes not to go insane.

I cannot see any case in isolation. What they all have in common is:

  • The apparent inability of authorities to admit to mistakes
  • The preference of collusion for cover-ups to apologies and acknowledgement of errors
  • The complete disregard of the people concerned
  • A remarkable ability for lies and a seeming absence of a conscience.

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