The Estranged Daughter

 The 24-Year-Old Estranged Daughter who Can’t Speak to her Mother Linda Lewis
after having been kidnapped twelve years ago

1.       Nature of the Case / Background

This case has also been called the worst of all child snatching cases by experts – mainly due to the medical cover-up. Councillor Kevin Edwards reports on this story on his blog Justice for Linda Lewis[1]. It started with Linda’s daughter being medically mis-diagnosed. She did suffer from perforation of the gut, while doctors stated her pain was ‘imaginary’. Hence her mother took her privately to Florida. There, American Police assisted in letting UK Social Services kidnap her from her mother and grandfather at gunpoint, from her hospital bed, using a false and illegal passport. She was put into a psychiatric unit and has never seen her mother since, but has a Social Service contact close to her.

2.       Submissions of Fact

Her story is being told by Brian Gerrish, publisher of UK Column[2], on this video[3]. When travelling to America, she was on her mother’s passport. But the passport used for the girl to be taken back was false. At the time the girl wrote letters about her misery, whereas Social Services told her not to say that she is in pain or that she loves her mother. Eventually she did get treated for the illness that was only diagnosed thanks to the private efforts of her mother.  Social Services placed an advert claiming the girl was missing. In court, where the mother challenged Social Services, she was not allowed to call four local councillors as witnesses. But the judge allowed witnesses to the Local Authority. Consultant Paediatrician Dr Dewi Evans played a major part in the continual misdiagnosis and mistreatment of Linda’s daughter and is a prominent conspirator in this miscarriage of justice and medical cover up.

It is also worth noting that at the time of the illegal kidnapping in 1998 by agents of Neath Port Talbot Social Services. Dr Dewi Evans was himself an elected Councillor of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, and in 1992 stood in the General Election for the constituency of Neath for Plaid Cymru. This raises several professional “conflicts of interests ” that both Dr Dewi Evans and others have deliberately ignored and broken the law. The letter from Dr Dewi Evans to his OWN Council’s Social Services is made up of page 1[4], page 2[5] and page 3[6]. On the 12th of February 1998 the Department of Children and Families received an “abuse report” alleging that the girl had been diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy in her native country of Wales.

3.       Points of Law and Procedure

The case is unique because

  • a lifelong injunction has been placed on this case to prevent the evidence from coming out.
  • an innocent mother has been threatened with immediate arrest and jail, if any of her evidence is ever made public
  • lawyers, judges, politicians, doctors and social workers have conspired to prevent this case from entering a criminal court where the evidence would be scrutinised ‘beyond all reasonable doubt’.

The injunction would be breached[7] by

  • any letter from a Welsh Assembly Member to the Health and Social Services Minister, a Member of Parliament, Government Minister or the NHS Trust
  • tabling questions or motions in the Assembly or in Parliament would also breach the injunction.

The only way to take this matter forward is to challenge it in the courts…


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