The Outraged Grandmother

The Grandmother who Paid £25,000 in Vain to Free her Grandson from Abuse

1.       Nature of the Case / Background

Like many other grandparents, this grandmother has the interest of her grandson at heart, ever since he went to Social Services, to alert them of his mother abusing him. But, instead of the obvious move of letting the boy live with his grandmother, she was fooled by Social Services, when she was told that she can apply for a residence order or guardianship. She had to undergo a psychiatric test, along with many other assessments, including fire precautions in her home. After this intrusion into all aspects of personal life, she had to employ a legal team to represent her in secret family court hearings.

2.       Submissions of Fact

The grandmother has had a bond with the child since birth and he lived with her for many months, while going through hell due to Social Services, CAFCASS and an army of professionals. He was given books on foster or adoption, was interviewed alone at least three times a week and was telephoned at school or Social Services offices. This child still is afraid of the abuser and continues to say no to contact with her. Yet the system says that this child is mentally disturbed for not wanting contact with his mother. Hence a top psychiatrist was brought in at great expense to give weekly therapy until such time the child agrees to have contact, as if he had never asked for help.

When the grandmother tried to protect the grandchild, he was torn away in front of witnesses with no warnings, along with lies and deceit, and contact with the child was stopped with more lies, leaving the boy alone with strangers, being moved from foster carer to foster carer, without family or friends, telephones, letters or any other child’s right.

The grandmother was gagged by the court and not allowed to see any piece of paper relating to the case outside the lawyer’s office. To receive a letter from Social Services, she has to pay the lawyer’s fee to read it in his office. By now, the grandmother has paid in excess of £25.000 to be told: NO, the grandchild will remain with a foster carer.

3.       Points of Law and Procedure

In court, the grandmother never got to tell her side of the story, produce her evidence or was called to the witness box. For 8 days she listened to how bad a grandparent the child had. When she tried to speak out, she was thrown out of court, with the judge stating “this is my court and you will abide by my rules.”   The child was allowed to write one letter to his grandmother and in the few lines told her to stay strong.

4.       Summary

Given these experiences, the grandmother is supportive of a newly created charity Children Screaming to be Heard[1], so that children will have a voice and the charity will work to give children their human rights back.

There are hundreds of grandparents and families who have gagging order’s placed on them by the courts. It appears that the courts do as the Social Services say, and that the word of Social Services counts more than that of the families who cannot protect their children/grandchildren. There are also many families serving long prison sentences as they had a gagging order but spoke out.

The British governments knows that our children are being stolen and sold, because stolen children are the ‘consumer product’ for foster carers, social workers, expert witnesses, contact centres, legal teams and court staff to support an industry well supported by the government with adoption targets and OFSTED ratings.


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