The Welsh Couple R & E

The Welsh Couple R & E whose Baby Harley doesn’t get the Care he Needs

 1.       Nature of the Case / Background

This case was cause for my first gagging order: Swansea Council prevented me from publishing photos of the results and evidence of abuse, whilst in car, and the stored bottles of mother’s milk that Social Services failed to pick up. For it was discovered that the 13-week baby, ripped from its mother’s feeding breast by police at 4am, in the morning was allergic to formula milk. The judge ordered the immediate removal of the abused child from its carer. The mother was so concerned of the abuse that she called for paramedics to attend to her child who took him to hospital. The child since being in care has been diagnosed with some form of allergy and certified as suffering from stress. The now 13 month old child relies on antibiotics and a nebulizer. The original reason given was ‘risk of emotional harm’ – an excuse that is used as arbitrarily as any other allegation is a pretext for snatching.

  • Since then, the baby has been with two different foster carers and at four respite carers.
  • Medical treatment is far from satisfactory.
  • Instead of being reunited with his birth parents, contact has been reduced in highly arbitrary fashions and the child is now supposed to be adopted.

2.       Submissions of Fact

The parents have not been offered any support in the respect of the distress caused by the kidnapping of their child. The behaviour of Swansea Social Services does not differ from other councils. They follow orders to succumb to Government pressures and OFSTED ratings. See John Hemming MPs interview with Edge Media TV[1].

  • The snatching was cruel and unjustified
  • The mother was not only abused herself between 5 and 12, but this is the eighth child that has been taken from her – while she maintains the best of relationships with her children, whenever possible
  • The documentation used is visibly falsified when paper with a court stamp is photocopied to appear to present ‘official’ court orders.

3.       Points of Law and Procedure

Among such falsified documents is a gagging order that may be worth appealing. But priority needs to be the appeal of the Council’s decision to adopt baby Harley as he has become known by his pseudonym.  As long as the child is not back with its birth parents, it seems a waste of effort to appeal against any of the Council’s wrong-doings other than to get the child back.

4.       Summary

900 children are currently being removed from their birth parents every month by 152 local authorities. That makes an average of 60 per council at an astronomical drain on the public purse. The “levels of threshold” that Social Services have observed would have been failed by the foster carers:

  • Mother bore her child, brought her child home to a loving home until a self appointed CAFCASS Officer acting in her capacity as self appointed Guardian with multiple interests decided that she was an unsuitable mother.
  • Child is currently placed with carers charged with criminal damage.
  • The child runs a high risk of Anaphylactic Shock as a result of his abuse – hence the concern of paramedics. Social Workers turned a blind eye to child abuse in care. They continue to foster vulnerable children.
  • Social Services place vulnerable children with carers that have no parental skills.

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