Systems Analysis

Many thanks for returning my call earlier, it’s refreshing to know that others who have been and are going through similar types of corrupt practice at the hands of those committing fraud and abuse of public office with the assistance of common criminals…

…actually have the guts and the tenacity to speak up and out loud about their experiences with the view to putting some serious wrongs… right, what ever the cost.

You really don’t have to convince me of any of the above as I have been endeavouring to expose such criminality for some considerable time now and continue doing extensive research into what is really going on and how many people are involved  in this type of seriously organised crime.

These people are prepared to commit perjury (they may call it acting), harassment, threats and further criminal offences.

It’s obvious that complaint mechanisms are unfit for purpose and the delays during such only allow those people to close ranks, while making the complainant out to be a vexatious complainant and/or mentally ill.

Many going through similar difficulties appear to be offloading in the past-tense, maybe a (prepared) future-tense is appropriate.

One of the techniques that I’ve noticed these criminals using, is to isolate the victims, especially in the Magistrates Court and even at the Crown Court Appeal Hearing (in the Magistrates the 3 day Hearing was cut to 2 days, the day that was for my defence evidence evaporated… in the Crown Court Appeal which was scheduled for 2 days, I had to endure the same abuse and perjury and my evidence due on the second day also evaporated at 17.15 hrs on the first day) those criminals were assisted by a Police Officer (committing perjury and abuse of his public office position).

The start of our difficult endeavours was when I made an Official Complaint through the usual channels including the IPCC after a PC threatened my following a bizarre allegation.

As mentioned earlier, there are established mechanisms in place that really do pervert the course of Justice and I’ve uncovered a number of links to News International and their various and numerous subsidiaries and techniques.

Please take a look at that is if you haven’t already done so… there are many testimonies there regarding innocent people who have been wronged not only by some unscrupulous, so called legal professionals but by many others who have abused their trusted positions (with the attitude of ‘so what! what can you do about it?!). 

You may also like to put a few words on the site too and possibly gain some additional support.

As I said on the phone earlier, there are many good people out there yet in proportion only a few bullies (whose days are numbered, if only the courage is found and used to speak up and out loud (without raising one’s voice).

Take care for now, you are doing an important job which will help many in the future too.

Many kind regards,


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