Court Hearings

Always call the court in question to find out the exact court number and time on the day before!

Iin general, they tell you 10am even if the hearing takes place in the afternoon! So it’s best to be there and talk to the usher of the court where the hearing is supposed to take place. Ask at the office or look at the printed listing.

  • WED, 29th February 2012: next hearing in the criminal court Wood Green Court for the Musas
  • MON, 20 Feb: Maurice Kirk committal proceedings to set a date for the trial
  • THURS, 1st March: Maurice Kirk rehearing of 10 November
  • MON, 12th March 2012: secret 4-day “final hearing” for the Musas in the Family Court.

To listen to court hearings is ‘social life with meaning’ and an education into what ‘victims turned starfighters‘ have experienced: there is no justice in this country.

To network with supporters is the best part of hearings!

Norman writes:

The Hearing in Leeds Magistrates, Thursday 2nd February 2012 (1.30 for 2pm) is for my ‘Committal to Crown Court for Trial’ – FOR THE TERRIBLE CRIME OF OFFERING LEAFLETS!   The previous ‘hearing’ on 12th January was SUPPOSED to be for that reason.   In fact the Crown Prosecution Service had made an Application to adjourn the hearing as they were ‘not ready’. The reason they gave was that they had “asked the police to undertake a large number of actions in respect of the case”.   On that occasion District Judge Roy Anderson refused to hear my objection to the adjournment (or to hear a single word from me!), which meant it wasn’t a ‘Hearing ‘ at all, & was in gross violation of the law.

Don’t know what dirty tricks they will get up to this time.
Norman Scarth
BT line: 01274 541 213.  Mobile: 07505 35 11 74


15 thoughts on “Court Hearings

  1. I just dont understand, at the state Britain has got its self into, cruelty & torture in the Prisons, children being stolen, & most probably half of these poor kids are sold abroad,
    for Gods sake Britains ,wake up to this treachory & act against it.

    • I have had a longstanding issue (nearly 15 years) I am proceeding through Judicial Review!!!

      Evidence and Truth on my side but round 1 to them where we have now to discover this judicial revue in round 2

      The point is that there are many Victims but what we need is a victims united and with this Association we will be able to have the Authority of a substantial group and this way start a revolution but within the Law.
      I will get this idea going which needs the contact with all the pro revolutionaries we can find.

      If you really want to become effective we can only do it by unity – unity is strength and the start of this is through those that have set up sites and gained contacts- Each linked site to a master-board with a unified policy of sources of help and a political agenda or purposeful aim – there are some really honest and competent lawyers – There MUST BE. as there are good there is bad the good ones will want to clean up their profession THEY MUST DO.


      kind regards

      John Love

      • Thanks I have glanced at the pages Time is short I am preparing my response to the Judicial Review application as the Judge has breached procedure Big style and fabricated evidence in his reasons for the decision (having removed my copies of court papers to substitute misplaced court documents) (false representation) I had taken out a private prosecution (indictable) perverting the course of Justice against a solicitor. The Judge decided to ignore the sending to the crown court and used a power of discretion (which he did not have ) to breach the requirement for applications to dismiss (abuse of process) etc sesent to the Crown Court

      • John is right. It needs as many people as possible to come together on this, individuals going it alone don’t stand any chance whatsoever against the crooked justice system here in the UK.

        We need to contact all those people who submitted to SolicitorsfromHell, Legalbullies and Casia. There are hundreds out there, but we need to unite as one it’s the only way we can get any justice.

      • we need to find lawyers that have a history of helping and winning court cases with S.S. most lawyers are part of the system and decide yours and your familys fate while they sit and have coffee that morning with s.s. and judges and what not how can cases be won when they are all buddy buddy with the goverment

      • I have found Advocates who have the right solicitor and the right barrister on board!

        We now want to concentrate on cases that are winnable and get COMPENSATION paid. For it’s some of these compensation funds that should pay for the legal fees.

    • I am sure the visitors to this site will agree but this closing of the doors to the public eye obstructs openness and accountability. Victims of legal injustice (myself included) are focused on our own case, we have been divided by this focus – and instead of a universal approach -have divided so that sections that create the most public sympathy get some recognition (Victims of the relatives of those Murdered) in my view suffer less than many so called lesser crimes. It is why police will not investigate crimes that although serious for that victim – is a rare crime. (it is probably only rare just for that reason) While the rest of us are out of sight out of “The Public Mind” it all comes to Unite against Injustice.

  2. What on earth is going on in our once known great country, cruelth & torture in our prisons, kids being stolen & most probably half are sold abroad. WAKE UP BRITAINS, BOUT IT.LETS DO SOMETHIG ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF SITTING ON OUR BACK SIDES.

    • This takes some kind of leadership and organisation. We have the facility through our own contacts, this site and others like it, to get the key people. The main difficulty is that we are each focused on our own problem and when (if ever) that problem is ended. The once motivated injured victim wants to put it all behind them, there then remain a determined few who feel compelled to right the wrong – Despite knowing it may not happen in their lifetime, and there are no Medals. We will succeed but only when we act – The sooner the better. We need Areas – for arranged physical meetings. The key volunteers can start a recruiting campaign and publicity – get the public interested, this will start forcing openness and accountability from those – to whom “we the people” pay (and pay much too well). And let “He who calls the tune shall the Piper pay” — Provided that the Piper plays the proper tune – and plays it adequately. Suggestions as to how we can set out areas, arrange meetings and link the areas are invited.

  3. If you are a victim of injustice, and you try all means to get justice and compensation, you are labelled a vextasous litigant. I have had the tag applied to me, but suspect that there are thousands more out there like me. Can we all be wrong? I don’t think so, because it is the system itself which is crooked and corrupt. Judges, Courts, Police, Councils, Lawyers, Bankers, Insurance, and Sports people. Lets face it the whole friggin country is rotten to the core with corruption. I notice that the UK has moved up a few places in the worldwide chart of corrupt countries. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. At this rate the UK will soon be at the top of the chart.

    • First – I am not legally trained merely an ordinary private individual and not qualified or authorised to give legal advice. However I can ask (and you don’t have to answer) How were you labeled a “vexatious litigant” was this label a finding on legal grounds because you are alleged to have habitually instigated unwarranted proceedings – or did you ‘adopt’ the tag because a court or tribunal made a finding that the process you started was an “abuse of process”? My understanding is that; one is an unproven opinion and the other is a court order that requires that before you can instigate proceedings you must get the permission from a court. What is your intention? is it to let the matter rest?
      In my case the judge acted outside the law, to dismiss my private prosecution on the grounds of vexatious proceedings, this is now and amongst other things in my application for Judicial Review. I will post my progress.

  4. Its quite a lengthy story but is not complex. First off Local Council, (who were biased to the neighbours, and biased against my wife and I) passed plans for the neighbours opposite to extend their property way past their Land Reg boundary and thereby obstruct the legal egress from our property which we have a legal “right to pass” in our title deeds. The land between the two properties was ransom strip land retained by builder, and neighbour was encroaching to widen his plot as builder had gone out of business. Neighbour did not have Right of Way over the ransom strip as they had their own access to the highway.

    Local Council falsified plans to send to Ombudsman, copied Land Registry stamp marks onto other false plans to make it look as though they were approved by Land Registry when they were not. They also advised the neighbours to change from “planning permission” to “planning development” so they could not refuse the application.

    I instructed a firm of solicitors to lodge an injunction using my Legal Expense cover. They were the most incompetent solicitors you could ever come across and believed the lies and BS fed to him by Local Council and neighbours solicitor, (who incidently works in close co-operation with Local Council. Solicitor failed to act promptly and extension was built. I finished with the first solicitor and moved to one recommended by the Legal Insurer. These proved to be just as bad and were obviously working in the other parties interest by removing all the hard evidence from my case file. I reckon the Local Council were scared that their serious wrongdoing would be exposed in court and therefore were paying a hefty backhander to this solicitor in order to keep it out of court. Which they in fact did on the hearing day by the barrister forcing my wife and I into not taking case into court. I had to succumb because of the serious stress he was inflicting upon my wife who is a very sensitive person. I think that the barrister was hoping for a particular judge to be sitting on the hearing day, ie, a judge who had been “got at” purely to suppress wrongdoing by Local Authority. On the hearing day the judge was changed at last moment which upset his plans as he was running around like a headless chicken.

    I applied to the court some weeks later to “setaside” on the basis that the barrister in question was not working in me and my wife’s interest at all, and had removed all the hard evidence from our case file, so it would not be seen. No longer able to trust any solicitor or barrister, I represented myself, and resubmitted all the evidence back to the court for “setaside” but on the day I was 100% convinced that the judge sitting on that day was the crooked judge that my barrister had intended to be sitting on case the first time round. The Crown Court judge was not wearing his wig which I thought odd, as I thought all Crown Court judges should wear their wig when attending a hearing. My belief further increased when this judge refused point blank to look at the evidence of fraud, and he then labelled me as a “vextasious person”. What is the point of taking evidence of fraud into a court hearing, then the judge refuses even to look at it. This judge also turned a blind eye to the perjury committed by the other parties solicitor. He stated that the Land Registry had abided by the “order” made previously in that neighbours encroachment and extension was to stay at the line fixed on day. This was a blatant lie because I wrote to Land Registry after first court hearing, and told them not to alter boundary until the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Again judge refused to look at letter from Land Registry which the other parties solicitor had a copy of, and which would have proved the solicitor had committed serious perjury, and also perverting the course of justice.

    I then tried to sue the first solicitor I instructed for compensation on the basis of their utter failure. Again armed with overwhelming evidence of complete and utter failure by this solicitor, as well as abusing funding by Legal Insurer, I put a claim into court. First off a District Judge refused me point blank to speak a single word and put my case across in accordance with the rules of natural justice. I then had to appeal to a higher judge on that very basis, ie, unable to speak and put my case across. When the appeal was heard by a Crown Court judge, I expected justice at last but no. I was naive and did not know that judges protect solicitors at all costs in negligence claims. The judge “twisted and distorted” the material evidence and blamed some other party for the failings, namely my legal insurer, when that certainly was not the case.

    I had the crooked solicitors costs in April 2000, and did not bother anymore because it was plainly obvious one is up against a very crooked and corrupt system. 3 years passed by and I then receive a letter from this solicitor demanding over £8,000 for, as he said, costs which were not paid back in 2000. The total costs 3 days before hearing were just over a thousand, and even on that bill he had doubled up on the same costs. But how could it go from £1,000 to over £8,000 in 3 days. Simple, thinking that I would have thrown original court costs receipt away the solicitor reapplied 3 years later through another court for this £8,000. At a hearing in July 2003, a district judge told this crooked firm of solicitors to go away, and return to the court at a later date with a valid explanation of how he arrived at such a gross figure. He never did, however in Feb 2004 I received an “order” which stated that £200 @ month would be taken from my salary until £8,420 had been paid. I was livid. I had not been informed of this hearing, and could therefore not attend. I asked the court for an explanation but they refused and said the “order” would stand.

    I used to save £200 every month towards my retirement in an ISA account, but had to stop. Now I have been made redundant and will shortly have to go on Pension Credit of over £250 @ week. I do not see why I should go to work to earn money, to then have that money taken from me by means of blatant fraud, such that I have to rely on benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. Police said it was a matter for the Law Society, (what a joke). The Law sSociety said I was out of time, but where blatant fraud is committed there is NO TIME LIMIT. They said it was a matter for the police. Shoved from pillar to post and back.

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