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Every ‘case’ is the story of emotional pain and financial suffering that is generally extremely difficult to make sense of. When Brad Meyer began to video people’s accounts, we tried to follow Lord Sudeley‘s suggestion to group cases to change the law.

30 case stories are on the site that advocates the enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694.

On Victims Unite the cases are grouped according to the particular white collar cirme.

Now we want to move on from publicising cases to analysing judgements – “nameless stories”.

This requires my producing an appropriate FORM to make life easier for all concerned, covering:

Court / Date / Judge / Area of Dispute

Points of Law disputed / ignored / violated

Case law cited

And we will concentrate on ‘child snatching’ first, since the Education Select Committee has launched an investigation into ‘child protection’. Deadline for submissions – not on individual cases though: 23rd January 2012.

Meanwhile, please feel free to send me whatever you feel is appropriate.


2 thoughts on “Submit your Case

  1. I suppose I should start at the begining of my story to help you understand my problem. There is so much, its hard to get it into order. On 3rd November 2014 my 6 year old son accused my fiancé at the time of sexual abuse. He made the disclosure in the link club where I worked.  My manager took me into the office and told me she had informed social services. They had advised I leave the building and my children behind. I went home in utter shock. Later on a social worker came round with the police officer.  She told me my children would need to be interviewed and they had placed them with their father for now to give my fiancé at the time,  chance to pack and go. On the 4th my children were interviewed. That evening a new social worker had taken the case and rang to tell me I was to only have supervised access to my children, I asked what her to tell me what the childrens disclisure was and she refused to tell me. I was told on the 3rd that my children would return on the 5th if mike,  ( now ex fiancé) was removed from the family home. I finally got details of the disclosure on friday 7th November 2014, frim the poluce office as she felt I had a right to know regardless of social services refusing it. I then broke off my relationship with Mike. The first CP meeting was held on 25th November. I was told I was unable to safeguard my children n they said they didnt believe I had ended my relationship with Mike. Also when I told them my children were exhibiting signs of sexual abuse now they have been removed,  and they were not before, I was told that they are now free to show signs as they have been removed from the abusers home. My children have since shown physical signs of sexual abuse, one had a severe infection in his genitals causing bleeding,  another had cuts to his genitals and refused to let the dr examine him, and the 3rd child had blood in his stool, and his father hasnt had him examined. Their father has a record of a past accusation of sexual abuse that wasnt taken further because the mother of the child (his sister) did not want to prosecute.  At the meeting on the 25th I requested minuets of the meeting and copies of the draft reports, as I was to undergo a risk assessment.  I was told I would get the minuets within 2 weeks, and that my assessment would be completed within 45 days. (31st December) it is now 16th January and my assessment has not been completed and I have recieved no paperwork. The second CP meeting 12th December.  I was told that paper work was held up in administration.  And that she could not send draft reports as they were incomplete.   I was also spoken to in a very rude mannor as my social worker made a comment on the complaints email I had sent to Dorothy Roberts, regarding the manner in which my social worker speaks to me, and that she is following procedure or keeping to a time scale. My next CP meeting was supposed to held on 15th January 2015. That was cancelled.  I asked for help and support and I have recieved none. I lost my job because social services say I am a safeguarding risk. The childrens father put a claim in for child benefit. So the stopped paying me on 16th December.  Tax credits havent paid me since the 4th November, and housing and council tax benefit was stopped. I put in a claim for ESA because my dr told me I was suffering from depression and anxiety due to this situation. They have paid me £11.29 because they say I have tax credits which I havent had since November.  So because of social service I have no job and cant even claim benefits. I have a court date to enforce a residency order I have that says I have residency of my children. I have put the enforcement order in myself as I have no income. The court8 date is the 18th febuary 2015. My solicitor told me I can’t get legal aid, and she wants £315 to represent me. I face going to court alone to fight the LA. I won’t win with out my solicitor. I have spoken to so many different people and they can’t help. I don’t know what to do. Im loosing my children and ive done nothing wrong. I have done all social services have asked of me, and they haven’t kept to their procedures.  I should have a mound of paper work by now and I have nothing. I worked under the EYFS with a lot of SEN children and children under Child protection, I know the process,  and they havent followed it. They have not got a care order or access order. I signed a contract of agreement as I was told I had no choice.  My solicitor told me I could revoke this by email, which I did. This caused my social worker to tell they childrens father he would loose the children too if he let me take them, and she told the school I couldn’t pick them up. She has also stated that my relationship with Mike is not over and she saw us together holding hand.  She said this infront of everyone at the last CP meeting. I am alone no with no job, no income and no children. I did nothing wrong and ive lost everything.  Mike has been charged on 4 counts and is up in court on 2nd February,  yet he is still able to work and get on with his life.My children want to come home and they are being ignored. My 10 year old says he is angry with social services, ‘my home is safe, why cant I come back?’. I thought a childs voice matterd. Clearly not. I am writing to you on the hope of making as many people as possible aware of the failings of social services on protecting my 3 children n failing to support me. Also failing to follow procedure and follow public law. Acting on a section 47 without a court order and not adhereing to set timescales.  Or completing assessments in an apropriate timescale for  the children.

    • You are no powerless. You are in fact more powerful than you realise. Not as a UK Citizen, but as a British Subject. If the system wants to bend you, bend it back. Your mistake was registering your children into the 1801 UK Regime and enslaving yourself under its 750 inhumane, unlawful and unconstitutional ‘statute’ rules. The UK Society is draconian and it now closer resembles an evil, tyrannical cult! Renounce your children and yourself from this regime ASAP – It’s £223 a head. AS a Brit you and your children will return to being Free British subjects. With inherent and inalienable rights and freedoms (British Bill of Rights/ Magna Carta Charter) , which…… Oath keepers (policemen/women) must defend…. at your beck and call!””””” Their Oath is to the Queen, not the UK Regime. Remind them of this! YOU THEN HAVE THE POWER to afford any British Society you choose the privilege of SERVING and DEFENDING you and your children. You can get a British passport for yourselves without being UK citizens. This is true democracy. Understand this. Practice it. Apply it gracefully. UK Regime Nazi loyalists are hostile little buggers. They’ll hate you because they’ll hate themselves for not thinking of it. The UK will really have to work to get you to re-register your children back into its society after this. YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE. YOU ARE A BRITISH SUBJECT. YOU ARE FREE AND POWERFUL. EXERCISE IT

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